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Lead Me Down the Garden Path

I once read that if you want to quickly make your house seem clean and inviting to a visitor, you should dust the skirting boards. This is because when someone enters an unfamiliar environment, they instinctively look down to get their bearing. (For the record, I have followed this advice exactly zero times.) On our work day on the 7th of January 2023, we applied this concept to the South Garden.

The edges of Compton Terrace Gardens' paths have lovely pavers which over time become buried under soil, plants and leaves. This is, essentially, the garden equivalent of very dusty skirting boards.

Ignoring the slight drizzle, some of the group went on an archaeological dig to reveal the edges.

The result created a pathway into the gardens which is truly inviting.

Other activities which took place was the pruning of our fruit trees. Fernando and Oscar worked meticulously to cut back branches that were crossing or growing inwards. They also cleared out brambles and other foliage surrounding the trees to give them a bit of breathing space.

Lastly, but most importantly, Sabine did a massive trash pick-up which was desperately needed. This is where I would normally go on a rant about people who litter, etc. Instead, I'll describe 2 items Sabine found.

1. a grocery bag with about 20 raw chicken drumsticks. Sitting unpackaged in the bag. (I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo; I think my mind was just too boggled by the sight to think clearly).

2. A wine glass - completely intact.

Sabine kept the wine glass and binned the chicken.

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