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What would Monty Don do?

Our May work day was all about weeds. While we had only a small group in slightly soggy conditions, we managed to remove loads of weeds from garden beds. In the north garden, these beds were then covered in a layer of mulch to help supress returning weeds, keep moisture in the soil beneath, and act as a soil improver as the mulch breaks down over the next year.

After 3 hours of weeding, and the resulting pile, the conversation got a bit philosophical (weeds seen as a metaphor for human kind - both invasive in their habitat) a bit loopy (a gigantic Alkanet weed greeting me at the Pearly Gates and confronting me with all of the carnage).

Opinions on weeds vary almost as much as gardeners. There's a saying that one person's weed is another person's wildflower. Whenever I am faced with a gardening dilemma, I ask myself, What would Monty Don do? I like Monty because he seems to find a nice balance between perfection and chaos in his gardening style. In regards to weeds, Monty lays out his strategy and thoughts in this article titled "Invasion of the soil snatchers."

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